What does your office meeting look like?

Have you heard the rumors about what goes on in our office on Tuesdays?
Just to clear things up, we want to give you a taste of the magic that happens behind the Caldwell Banker walls.
There is no Kumbaya, I promise.
Watch this video, and I guarantee you'll agree that our office meeting is worth your time.  Every Tuesday we leverage our office meeting as a way to come together, share needs and listings as well as inspire each other to conquer the week.
You may want to check out this video if...
  • Your current office office meeting is a waste of time
  • You're tired of your office meeting being all about the numbers
  • You dread your weekly office meeting
  • You're curious how your office meeting compares to ours
  • Your week started off pretty lame and you could use some passion-fuel

Check out this sneak peak of our office meeting