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Sometimes, it's hard to know where to start when your real estate business is slowing down.  But I guarantee you - no matter what happens with the economy, real estate will be sold every day.
Will you be the on selling it?
As a former Tom Ferry coach, and Broker and CEO of Caldwell Banker The Legacy Group, I've spent countless hours coaching realtors across the country to maximize their efficiency and achieve their goals.
In this exclusive content, I share the most important business tips, and strategies I share with every single agent, and coaching client.
If something's not working, change it.  It's never too late to try something new.
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Josh Kalinowski CEO Coldwell Banker The Legacy Group
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Top three things I tell my coaching clients and agents
These three tricks might just get you back on track with your business and life.
In these exclusive videos, you'll learn how to...
  • Revitalize your day to day disciplines by getting in the right headspace
  • Take back control of your time
  • Win the morning to drive your productivity all day

Three tricks to get you back on track with business and life

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What does your office meeting look like?
Have you heard the rumors about what goes on in our office on Tuesdays?
Just to clear things up, we want to give you a taste of the magic that happens behind the Caldwell Banker walls.
There is no Kumbaya, I promise.
Watch this video, and I guarantee you'll agree that our office meeting is worth your time.  Every Tuesday we leverage our office meeting as a way to come together, share needs and listings as well as inspire each other to conquer the week.
You may want to check out this video if...
  • Your current office office meeting is a waste of time
  • You're tired of your office meeting being all about the numbers
  • You dread your weekly office meeting
  • You're curious how your office meeting compares to ours
  • Your week started off pretty lame and you could use some passion-fuel

Check out this sneak peak of our office meeting

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Is your marketing working?
Marketing is tough.  Sometimes it's hard to know if what you're doing is working.  Nothing's worse than feeling like you aren't doing the right thing!
At Coldwell Banker, we help our agents to achieve marketing intelligence by providing practical application, hands-on learning and tutorials so that they can close successfully.
What does that actually look like?
See it for yourself-check out this exclusive training from our office marketing director!
In this video you will learn...
  • Do you need to advertise, or market yourself?  What's the difference?
  • How to spend less money on social media ads
  • How to tell if your marketing is working for you or against you
  • How to work less, sell more, AND save money

An exclusive training from Tommy Russell, Marketing Director Coldwell Banker The Legacy Group

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How we turn real estate licensees into real estate professional
Whether you just started your real estate career or you've been in the industry for a while. you've probably figured out by now that there's a lot more to learn beyond what they teach you at real estate school.
I hate to say this, but what got you here, won't get you there.
Your success will require change, and there isn't a single "silver Bullet".
So what does this process look like?
Although the path to success looks different for everyone, we've figured out a process to help our agents succeed.  Check out our top three ways we help our agents double their income in year one!

Learn our secret to helping agents double their income in year one!

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Our agents increase their volume $2.8M
Coldwell Banker agents sell $2.8 million more in volume in their first 24 months with us than with their previous brokerage.  We've helped 20+ agents increase their volume by 48% in their first two years with us!
You're probably wondering..."How is that possible?"
At Coldwell Banker, we make sure our agents have every possible opportunity to succeed by providing them with tools that really work to save time, gain leads, and maximize efficiency.

Check out these tools our agents are using to save time and make money!