Josh's 3 Success Tips

Just a heads up, these videos are NOT for you if you want to...
  • stay exactly the same
  • stay at the same level in your business
  • not grow in every area of your life

But if you have been waiting for the catalyst to reach the next level of success, check this out!
Morning Routine
If you want to win the day, win your morning first
Consistency - Boredom - Results
If you don't control your schedule, you'll never be successful...​execute, adjust
Draft, Execute, Adjust - Flamework - Blow it up
The distance between those crush it in real estate and those who starve is a mindset.  Master change, not disappointment or comfort​
Fear of ridicule/failure​ - Limiting beliefs - Self-doubt
If you're reading this, you are one of Casper’s most successful agents.
We would love the opportunity to help you reach your next level of success!